Online Home jobs without investment

welcome to online earning opportunity for 2014. We share all free and simple methods to earn additional income from internet legitimately. And  we also share the different tricks and strategy to multiply your income every month. With our personnel experience, we find some genuine and established site from internet which pays for years. You can join those site without any registration fee. Before you start work online there are some basic requirements you should focus on.

The basic requirement for beginnrs to work from home

  1- A computer with an internet connection( not mobile or tab)
  2- you must have your pancard
  3- you must hold a bank account(or credit card) in your name
  4- An account in popular payment processor like paypal or payza

Your first job
This job is very simple and easy. no skill , talent or any kind of investment is required. This job is  PTC   known as paid to click program. You will be paid simply clicking ads.

To know more about this program you can visit here

How to earn money with this program?
  • step 1- Click the banner below
  •  step 2- click the sign up or register option. Fill up your information details. Next check your email to confirm your account. (But in neobux you will get a code to your email to verify your account. Just copy the code and paste it neobux validation box to verify your email.)
  • step 3- Once your account will be verified, then log into the site by using your username and password.
  • step 4- Every site has an option, view ads or view advertisements and click on it. You will see the ads. Click on the ads one by one. Once you click the ad, an advertisement page will be opened. Stay there until the timer will end. Follow these 4 steps to earn money online without investment by clicking ads. Now you can join by clicking the banner below.

How to increase your income?

There are two ways to increase your income with this site.

First way- Apart from clicking ads, you can try to complete the offers, surveys, tasks, playing grid.

second way- Through its referral program or downline program. Each site offers a referral link to make people join under you. When people join under you by clicking your referral link, Not only they will earn money but you will earn 50% of commissions. So more referrals means more commissions. In this way you can increase your income.

How to receive payment?

As I have said , you will receive payment through online payment processors like paypal and payza. For Indian members paypal is the best option. Today you can open an account in paypal . And first you will receive money to your paypal account in the form of dollar and there it will be exchanged to your own currency. Then paypal send that money to your bank account or credit card. Process is so simple. To know how to create a paypal account and the requirements to verify your account you can visit here