4 best ways to earn money online from home

Welcome to free online earning opportunity for 2015.  Here we will show you the most easiest and simple way to earn money online without investment from home. We will also guide you with our personal strategy how can you multiply your income every month. From our personal experience, we found some genuine and established site from the Internet which pays for years. You can join those sites without any registration fee. Before you start work online there are some basic requirements you should focus on.

The basic requirement for beginners to work from home

  1- A computer with an Internet connection
  2- you must hold a bank account(or credit card) in your name
  3- An account in popular online payment processor like paypal or payza 

Your first job
earn, online
This job is very simple and easy. No professional skill , talent or any kind of investment is not required. This job is known as paid to click(PTC). You will be paid simply view ads.

To know more about this program you can visit here

How to earn money with this program?

  • Step 1- Click the banner below
  • Step 2- click the sign up or register option. Fill up your information details. Next, check your email to confirm your account. (But in Neobux you will get a code to your email to verify your account. Just copy the code and paste it Neobux validation box to verify your email.)
  • Step 3- Once your account will be verified, then log into the site by using your username and password.
  • Step 4- Every site has an option, view ads or view advertisements and click on it. You will see the ads. Click on the ads one by one. Once you click the ad, an advertisement page will be opened. Stay there until the timer will end.
  • Step 5-  Advertisements will be added to your account every 24 hours. So, you must log into your site every single day to view the ads. Follow these above 5 step process to earn money online without investment  by clicking ads. 

Note- In Neobux, it will ask your PayPal email id while registration. If you do not have any  account in PayPal right now, then you can type any email id you have and later you can open an account and update it in neobux.

 Now you can join by clicking the banner below.
watch this short video below


How to increase your income?

There are three ways to multiply your income.

First way- In clixsense apart from clicking ads, you can try to complete offers, surveys, tasks, playing grid. The same with Neobux. After viewing ads, you can earn by completing coin offers, point offers, mini jobs and also clicking adprizes. Adprize is just a game . Sometimes you can win Neopoint or cash. You can win up to a golden membership which costs 90$.


While clicking ads in Neobux you should click 4 orange ads first. If you miss clicking orange ads in a single day you will lose your referral commissions.

second Way- Through its referral program or down line program. Each site offers a referral link to make people join under you. When people join under you by clicking your referral link, Not only they will earn money but you will earn 50% of commissions. So more referrals mean more commissions. In this way you can increase your income.


In Neobux, The condition for referring others is you must be a member at least 15 days and you must click  100 ads.

Third Way- In clixsense once you get at least 30 or 40 active direct referrals then try to upgrade your membership into the premium. Premium member will cost you $17 for one year. But it's worth, because you will get more commissions from your downline whenever they complete tasks, offers, click ads, purchase ads, or upgrade their membership and many more.

But in case of Neobux, upgrading cost is too high which is $90 per year. You should not upgrade unless you should have a large number of active direct referrals.

How to receive payment?

paypal, payza
As I have said , you will receive payment through online payment processors like PayPal or Payza. Every site has a minimum cash out amount.  Once you reach that amount, you can apply for cash out. For Indian members PayPal is the best option. Today you can open a personnel or an individual account in PayPal . And first you will receive money to your PayPal account in the form of dollar and there it will be exchanged to your own currency. Then PayPal sends that money to your bank account or credit card. The process is so simple. To know how to create a PayPal account and the requirements to verify your account you can visit here

Earn money online with micro freelancer jobs

micro jobs, freelancing jobs,

Do, you know what is micro jobs? It is the small freelancing jobs. like sign up with a website, commenting on you tube or blog, visit a website,participating in forums, installing or downloading some applications, bookmarking a sites, review of a product, commenting on yahoo answers, classified ad posting, write an article and many more small tasks.

These are the easiest jobs to do. No, more skill is needed, however you need little knowledge about internet.These jobs are provided by the employers who need some help to get traffic to their website or blog.
As, a worker you can help them to completing their tasks and earn some cash online freely . Anyone can do this work. You can be a stay at home mom, a student who needs some extra money or if you love to help others while making some money.

Now, I am going to give you a site where number of tasks available for you every day. each task you complete, you can earn $0.08 to $1 . That site is microworkers.com

Before, you are going to accept any task read their instruction carefully. If you think, you can complete a particular task then accept it, otherwise leave it and go for another task. After, completing the task provide the valid information which is asked by the employers.

Once you reach minimum $9, then you can apply for cashout. Before cashout they will mail a pin to your address and you have enter the pin in your withdraw option. Make sure that you have provided your real address otherwise pin can not be mail to you

Now join with microworkers by clicking link below.


  Earn from youtube and blog
adsense,youtube partner, earn money

I will tell you, two old method, which is still new way of making money online. You do not need any professional website or any kind of hard work to generate real cash . If you tried many ways, and did not see any result then I am sure you will get result from these two ways. So try for it and make some cool cash while you are online

The first way to make money is from YouTube

The second way is from your free blog in Blogspot.com

You already know this method, but did you try for it. If yes, then this topic might not for you.  If not then read the whole post , I will be sharing step by step with my personnel experience. so how can you earn from YouTube.?

If you own some videos or you may technically create some videos then you can upload those videos in YouTube and YouTube has partnership program , there you will be able to monetize your videos with Google Adsense. For that, you must have an Adsense account. If not then you might apply for a new one.

 Before I proceed, I would like to explain little bit about Adsense because the whole idea behind making money with YouTube is depends on your Adsense account.

 What is Adsense ?

Google has two companies, one is google adward and another is Google Adsense. Google Adword is something where people advertise their website or products. People need traffic to their website or many internet marketer wants to sell their product. So, they use Google Adwards to reach out the customers.

           Google has another company called Adsense. Its a publishing company which enables webmasters to put those Adword ads into their website. so, webmaster became its publisher. If somebody click on that ads, then the publisher will make 68% of advertising revenue. Therefore it became a dream for every webmasters to have an Adsense account to earn money with their website.

How to be a publisher of Adsense?

If you have a website, and getting good traffic then you can apply for Adsense make sure that your website,  abides by their program and policies. Because google is very strict while approving your application. you can read their quality guideline and program ,policies before applying for Adsense.

Ok, now come to the topic

You can make money with Adsense even if you dont have a website. How can it be possible?

Yes it can be possible through YouTube and free Blogspot blog. These are the product of google, where you will be able to get a hosting partner Adsense account, if you dont have one.

 What is hosting partner and what is non hosting partner adsense account?

        Hosting partner account is one which  you can use it in youtube and blogspot blog but you can not use it in your own website because it is a non hosting partner. Once you get approved by the hosting adsense account and if you would like to show the ads in your non hosting website, then you can apply it in hosted account access and authorization section. There you have to submit your website url and if you get approved then you can implement that adsense ad code any of your non hosting website.

So, here I will discuss, how to apply for a hosting partner adsense account through youtube and how you can you earn money from it.

Follow these steps

                    Step 1- create an account in google

                    Step 2 - through that  account you can sign in to youtube

                    Step 3- Once you signed in to youtube , your next step will be

  •   i -create a youtube channel
  •    ii - enable the channel for monetization
  •   iii - view monetization setting
  •  iv - How will i be paid
  •   v- associate an adsense account
 Once you click associate an adsense account, then you will be redirected to adsense page.
                             YOUTUBE + ADSENSE

            There you can select   "yes proceed google account sign in"

Next, you have to confirm the association and provide your billing information. Make sure your payee name should be same as your bank account. Once you complete all the steps, then your account will be reviewed. Once you get approved, your next step will be upload  videos, and monetize those videos with adsense ads.

 If you don't have any video, then you can create some videos with camtasia software which has free trial 30 days. All you have to do download this software and make some tutorial videos.

Or if you can collect some videos, which you have sufficient right to use them, you can upload those videos and monetize with adsense ads. If you get more traffic, to your videos you will make more money. Remember one thing, never use copyright videos.

How to get traffic to your videos?

                           These are four simple steps to  get more traffic

  •  step- 1 - optimize your video title, description and title tag
  • step2 - create playlist for your videos. and share it with  popular social network like, g+, orkut, rediff, vk, hi5, twitter, facebook
  • step 3 - and ask your friends, to subscribe  your channel
  •  step 4- create a blog and share your videos

making money through free blog blogspot.com

Once your Adsense account  get approved, you can implement that ad code in your blog. You know about blogging. Its a platform where you can publish your articles. all you have to do is find out a topic which you know. There are many profitable topic which people are creating their blog or website. Like that you can find a topic to write. Don't go for just copy and paste.  Think about how can you create some unique content which people wants to read. After creating 15 or 20 posts, then optimize your blog. once your blog started getting traffic, you will be able to earn money through adsense.

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