Online Home jobs without investment

welcome to online earning opportunity for 2014. We share all free and simple methods to earn additional income from internet legitimately. And  we also share the different tricks and strategy to multiply your income every month. With our personnel experience, we find some genuine and established site from internet which pays for years. You can join those site without any registration fee. Before you start work online there are some basic requirements you should focus on.

The basic requirement for beginnrs to work from home

  1- A computer with an internet connection( not mobile or tab)
  2- you must have your pancard
  3- you must hold a bank account(or credit card) in your name
  4- An account in popular payment processor like paypal or payza

Your first job
This job is very simple and easy. no skill , talent or any kind of investment is required. This job is  PTC   known as paid to click program. You will be paid simply clicking ads.

To know more about this program you can visit here

How to earn money with this program?
  • step 1- Click the banner below
  •  step 2- click the sign up or register option. Fill up your information details. Next check your email to confirm your account. (But in neobux you will get a code to your email to verify your account. Just copy the code and paste it neobux validation box to verify your email.)
  • step 3- Once your account will be verified, then log into the site by using your username and password.
  • step 4- Every site has an option, view ads or view advertisements and click on it. You will see the ads. Click on the ads one by one. Once you click the ads, an advertisement page will be opened. Stay there until the timer will end and money to be credited to your account.

How to increase your income?

There are two ways to increase your income with this site.

First way- Apart from clicking ads, you can try to complete the offers, surveys, tasks, playing grid.

second way- Through its referral program or downline program. Each site offers a referral link to make people join under you. When people join under you by clicking your referral link, Not only they will earn money but you will earn 50% of commissions. So more referrals means more commissions. In this way you can increase your income.

How to receive payment?

As I have said , you will receive payment through online payment processors like paypal and payza. For Indian members paypal is the best option. Today you can open an account in paypal . And first you will receive money to your paypal account in the form of dollar and there it will be exchanged to your own currency. Then paypal send that money to your bank account or credit card. Process is so simple. To know how to create a paypal account and the requirements to verify your account you can visit here


earn money online by reading comercial emails


Here I will show you one of the easiest way to earn money online without any investment is just by reading commercial emails. Reading email is a common thing which we are doing everyday. Do you know we can make money from it.
hits4pay,email reading, earn money
There are many sites which have a email reading program. But earning from these sites is very less. Only email reading sites which pays the highest is hits4pay.

 It will send commercial emails to your account. One email may contain several ads. Once you got the mail , your work is open this email to see how many ads you have to click. Every ad you  click you will earn $0.02 which you can not earn from other sites.

How hits4pay works?

Advertisers pays hits4pay to get exposure to their websites. Hits4pay shares that revenues with its members for viewing their websites.
The reason i like hits4pay
1- It is an established sites, started in 1998 and paying its members honestly
2- Highest paying advertising program
3- Sign up bonus $5
4- Two level referral program

How to earn money with hits4pay?

Once you sign up with hits4pay, you have to wait for 24 hours to get your account to be approved. After 24 hours, you will get a message through your mail that your account has been approved. Then regularly, you will receive a message to your email that you have a paid e-mail ad waiting for to read. The moment you get the mail from the hits4pay, just log in to your hits4pay account and read your paid emails. Otherwise you can  directly log in to hits4pay site everyday to check out how many emails you have to read. After log in to your account , click on paid ads and then click on new paid ads, it will display messages to read. Once you click on that messages it will show visit the website. You just click on that and it will take you the advertiser website, to view there 60 seconds until money will be credited to your account. For every validated e-mail reading, you will get 2 cents.


If, you want to more money with hits4pay, then you need to get more emails. To get more emails, you need to select upto 15 interest categories. You can select minimum 3 and maximum 15 interest categories. To do this you have to go my account tab and then select edit interest. Here you can select up to 15 categories to expect more emails. Never forget to select more categories under finance investment, internet business services and money and employment. Because from these categories you supposed to get more emails to read. But you can choose according to your interest which you think you will get more emails.

For signup with hits4pay you will get $5 sign up bonus. Apart from that you will get $0.02, for each ad you read. Everyday if you  get 4 ads then your earning will be$0.08 per day.
 Earn money with referring others

Hits4pay has also two level referral plan. You will earn $0.01 for each email that your direct referrals view and also you can earn $0.01 for each validated email that your direct referral's referral view. 
 So its the referral plan which will boost your income. After sign up in Hits4pay you will get your referral link and banners. Take this referral link and spread it, all over the internet. If somebody sign up using your referral link, then he will be your direct referral.

 This site will work best for you, if you have good referrals. Easily you can earn $2 or $3 everyday . Because there is no way, that your referrals will not work for you. Your referral will get e-mails everyday, like you are getting. They will also open their emails everyday and will also view it. So, work for it. there are many creative ways which will help you get referrals.

1- creating splash page in easyhits4u and promote that page link in facebook, twitter, facebook fan page. facebook group

2- personally, inviting your friends to join under you
3- in forums
4-through your own blog (best way)
5- promoting in traffic exchange
6- creating youtube video


Once your account will reach minimum $25, you can apply for cash out. It can only be done through paypal payment processor.

Now consider to sign up at given site below to make money online freely just by viewing emails everyday.




Make money online with sharing links

 Sharing links is a common things in internet.  We share many links with our friends everyday. Even when we are in social network sites like facebook, twitter, we have seen many links, containing interesting pictures, videos,  pictures of movie stars, links of many interesting topics.Now we need to think how can we make money  just by sharing links. All you have to do is make your link into paid link. Then share it in facebook or with your friend. If they will click that link you can make money. 

linkbuck is a site which offers you,  make a normal link into paid link. so first you have to think which link you have to make a  paid link because any link will not help you to earn money. It should be interesting link, so that people will click that link.  You have to find out some viral link it may be youtube new songs, or movie trailor, or any kind of web link which contains the funny picture .

All you have to do is get traffic to your paid link. As you get more traffic, you will make more money from it.Once people will click that link , they will see an ad before they reach the original link. Now let me to explain how can you do it through linkbuck. First of all using that service and make money from it, you have to click the link below and register your name.

                                                                         SIGN UP AT LINKBUCK

once you register your name then choose an interesting link as i have described above, copy that link and log into linkbuck. Then you will find an option create link, click on that


once you click create link you will get another page like below. Here you can see an option link to convert. you can paste any link here which you want to convert a paid link. And look all other option before you generate the new paid link.

first option is link to convert- paste here the link which you want to convert

second option is page content- if you are converting a link which contains adult content then select 18+
or if it does not contain any kind of adult content then select clean (all ages)

Third option is Ad type-

                                          here you will get 3 kinds of ad type. one is intermission. In intermission ad type, when people will click your paid link they will see an ad before they reach the original link.

                                           second is locker ad - in locker ad type, when people will click your paid link, they have to complete an offer or short survey, before they will reach the original link

                                            third one is short link -- short link ad type is non paid link. you can not earn money from it . so never choose this option.

            The best option is choosing intermission ad type.

fourth option is Alias - some people know about linkbuck link. they know this link contains an ad before they can see the original link. thats why they  want to avoid the link. In that case you can select other alias domain which will not be identified by people. All the alias domain belongs to linkbuck network. once you set all the option then click on generate link. Then it will generate a new link which is the paid link. now copy that link and share it with your friend and in social network sites like facebook , twitter ,mylot,orkut and rediff,  then see money will grow in your account.

now facebook has banned linkbuck link to be shared in their network. in that case you can follow the strategy below.


               step-1-  copy your linkbuck link which you want to share in facebook, then go to url2it link shortening and paste it there, then url2it will generate a link for you. just give a look  below

Now your linkbuck link masked with url2it. the new link will look like- So take this link and share it to your facebook friend, in your timeline, in your facebook fan page, and the group you have joined. similarly you can share your link in others facebook fanpage. just like their page and put your link in their page. But do not spam their page. you can shrink the link related to their pages. and share in their pages. If you do not have any facebook page then create your facebook page and collect as many as like, more than 5000 and then share your linkbuck link in your page. but one thing before you convert a normal link into paid link, you have to choose which link will go viral among people, eg--the link which contains funny picture, comedy videos, hit songs, most youtube viral videos, even you know which will go viral in facebook so pick up that link and shrink it in linkbuck again mask it in url2it then share it in facebook.

step- 2- If you have a twitter account then connect your twitter account with facebook account. In twitter you can directly share your linkbuck link which will automatically share in facebook. In twitter you have to follow many friends in order to get maximum hits to your link. remember one thing in India payout rate of linkbucks is very low. That means if you have shrinked a link with intermission ads then you will get $1 for every 2000 hits to your link. So how to get so many hits to your paid link. In twitter you can follow as many as friend possible and share a viral link  eg-- something breaking news of a most popular movie star, otherwise in google find out the website which has more traffic,  shrink it in linkbuck tweet it in tweeter with some attractive description. Then you will get more hits and also that link will automatically share in your facebook timeline as you have connected to it.

               Linkbuck has 3 level referral plan. That means if somebody joins in linkbuck using your referral link you will get 20% of what they will earn for lifetime and also 10% from 2nd level referral who is the referral of your direct referral. Then you can earn 5% of 3rd level referral. Minimum payout request $10.  Now consider to sign up with linkbucks . Because this site will not cost you anything for its registration. So sign up at  the site given below.

                                  SIGN UP AT LINKBUCKS                        

see payment proof below

                            Recent proof




How to Earn money with ojooo


update  5/16/2014

Ojooo turned scam. It is not paying members for more then 3 months. It is giving false assurance that they are dealing with cheaters and once cheaters will be deleted payment will be back normal. But it seems completely an excuse because 4 months gone still no improvement in their payment. so stay away from this site.

Ojooo is a site where you can earn by watching ads, completing offers, and also through its affiliate program. Even a standard member can earn money , premium members can earn more and premium+ members can even earn more.

it has short ads(3sec)  per clicking $0.001
standard ads (30sec) per clicking  $0.005
extended ads (60sec) per clicking $0.01

referral commission is more than 50%

how to ean money online in india

 One of the great feature of ojooo is the referral commissions. For every 100 and 1000 clicking from your referral click on different types of ads will cause you to earn upto $50. And if you upgrade your membership into premium then you will get $10 when your referrals purchase his/her premium membership.  likewise if you upgrade your membership into premium+ then you will get $20 when your referral purchase a premium+ membership

And also you can earn by renting referrals
payment processor - paypal


Neobux strategy 2014 - How to make big money with neobux part 1

I am so excited about this post. Here is the ultimate guide how can we make lot of money. A strategy which will work for everybody. Whether he may be a standard member or a golden member. You can start from zero and end up with 1000 of dollars.

 I am talking about the neobux PTC site and the tips which you can generate lot of cash without doing anything. Some people say we can not earn from ptc site but with right strategy it is not hard to make a good amount of money .

 Only thing, you need to spend some time with it, to generate a nice income. I believe neobux is one of the best ptc site which started in 2008. Now it has millions of members worldwide.

As we know neobux is a ptc site which pays you by clicking the ads. But no one can get rich soon by clicking the ads because everyday if you click 10 ads your earning might be $0.010. This is what you can expect from neobux as a standard member. But there is a strategy which really work for neobux to multiply your earning.
So, have some patience. Do not worry initially how much your earning will be. Just come to know how you can convert your small cents into dollars.

Now get ready for neobux strategy. As we all know that ptc site is a game of referrals. If you do not have referrals, then it is very hard to make money from it.

There are 3 kinds of referrals

  • 1- direct referrals
  • 2- purchased referrals
  • 3-rented referrals

Rented referrals are those referrals for which you have to rent them with certain amount of money for a limited time.

So, here I am talking about neobux rented referrals. Neobux ptc site has a rented referral program. that means you can rent neobux unrefereed active members for a limited time again you can extend them with  renewal process.  Now, i am going to describe step by step how you can work out with rented referrals. Therefore I invite you to register your name with neobux by clicking the link below. 

                                                 JOIN WITH NEOBUX

If you still have any problem to register your name then follow the step by step guide below

        step - 1-           click on register
 then you can see the registration form  like below

         step 2- fill up, the registration form by entering your information details, like your                

                      email id
                      paypal  email id
                      referrer - jula54 
                      birth year
                     verification code 
and select the box which says "i declare to have.......the terms of service"
                                   Next, click on continue. 

           Step 3 - once you click on continue,  you will get a verification link from Neobux to confirm your email. Now check your email, If you could not find it in your email, just check your spam folder, then copy the code . For example, you can  see  below screenshot

 and paste it in neobux validation box,  next you have to enter the verification code and click on finish registration.  see below


      Step 4 - After finishing registration, you can log in to neobux by using your username and password, Next click the view advertisements, then you will see number of ads and click the ads one bye one . Make sure you have clicked 4 orange ads, which is the bottom of the view advertisement page.

Neobux strategy work with its rented referrals.
so, lets start before that give a look below regarding how much you can earn from your referral's click

See below  the amount you earn per click and each of your direct referral's click, your rented referral's click depending on the type of membership you have and type of the exposed advertisement.

Obviously rented referral's click will earn you more money.  For rented referral's you have to pay the certain amount of money for limited period of time. Again you have to renew them before the period expires.

 Rented referrals are the active members. If some of the rented referrals became inactive for 4 or 5 days then there is an option to recycle them to get active members. For each rented referral cost you $0.20. Do not worry you do not have to spend it from your pocket. You just read the strategy and you will be able to understand.



               Find out your server  time to click the ads in neobux. server time is important because according to the neobux terms of service 3.7 if you did not click the ads in server time you will not be credited your referral's earning. 

That means you will not get your referral's commission if you did not click your ads in server time. Today your referral's commission depends on your yesterday click on the orange fixed advertisements at server time.

How to know server time of neobux?

Here you can get easily. see below

After log in to the neobux just click the view advertisements, then you will find a image above. Here in left side, you will get  your ad reset time and right side the current server time.

           In ad reset time,  advertisements will be added to your account.

but you have to check your current server time. Right now it is 8.16. It will continue upto 24 hours. 

After 24.00 it will again start from 0.00, so the time it starts from 0.00, then your sever time starts. so you can click the ads after 0.00 . Better you can watch one day when your server time reach 0.00 then at that time see what is your local time.  Remember it and everyday you can click at that time.

Another way to know your server time. Just click your user name in neobux then you will find a graph like below


See the graph above. You will get this graph after clicking your user name. See the two graphs here one is green which is local time and another is red graph which is server time. When the red graph points to zero that will be your server time. 

 The moment your server time will starts from 0.00, then the red graph will point to zero line. so that is the time you can start clicking the ads in order to earn all your referral's commission.  Remember one thing, orange fixed ads are important to get your referral's commission. you should not miss clicking 4 orange fixed ads which is the below of the neobux view advertisements page.

                             So i hope you can understand. Initially it may be difficult for you to understand everything, but once you spent some time with it, you will able to catch everything. Don't worry, lets continue with the strategy.

Once you identify your server time, everyday click on all the available ads in the same time. Never miss out a single day. You need at least $2 in your account to rent the referrals. 

And it will not take long time to earn if you click the ads everyday. At the same time if you do have some direct referrals under you then it will take a 3 or 4 days to earn $2. 

So once you will reach $2 in your account, then strategy will begin. Also there is another way to earn money with neobux is completing mini jobs and clicking adprize. Adprize is just like a game. if your luck supports, then you can earn money and  neopoints from it. Even you can win a golden membership through adprize which cost $90.

 Once your account balance reached $2, do not cash it out. Because cash out limit for neobux is $2. Initially you have to invest your earning for rental referrals. you need to grow. Don't worry about your money first.

 Keep in mind that how can you multiply your earning. Transfer that money to your rental balance and rent 3 referrals. For renting 3 referrals, will take $0.60($0.20 each) for 30 days. and the rest of amount, you can keep it in your rental balance. This will need to manage your referrals. I will tell later how you can manage it.

See below, the process for transferring the main balance to rental balance and then how you can rent the referrals.
In neobux just click your user name.

                                       you will find a page like this

After you click the rental balance another page will be opened which will ask you to add fund for rental balance. Then click on main balance.

  Just  click the main balance. you will find a page  to transfer your fund from main balance to your rental balance.  After successfully transfer your main balance to rental balance, again click your user name. You will find a page like that


Just click on referrals. then it will show the packages for rent. You can rent 3 referrals at first. And money will be deducted from your rental balance $0.60. If you want to see your rented referral's status then in summary page under referral, click on rented. It will show your rented referral's status.

 Then keep the autopay  funtion on. In order to keep auto pay on you have to click your user name and
See your referrals, under referrals just click rented then you will find autopay just enable it.


If you enable autopay, then it will automatically renew your rented referrals one more day if they click today. Suppose you have rented your 3 referrals from December 6th to january 5th for 30 days. again you have to renew your referrals in january 5th. But if you enable the autopay then it will automatically renew your referral for one more day if that referral click today.

suppose you rented December 6th. if your referral click the ad in December 6th then autopay will renew him December 7th. That means your next due date for renewal for that referral is January 6th instead of january 5 th. 

But autopay will work when your referrals click. If your referrals did not click it can not renew them. Even autopay will work if your referral has 20 more days to be renewed. less than 20 days it will not work.

 See below, my next payment of renew for some of the referrals 26days  and one of the referral 28 days remaining . The referrals which click today autopay renewed it so that it has 28 days remaining to be renewed. The referrals did not click today autopay did not renew it .

 Again if a referral go below 20 days auto pay will not renew it. That means the referrals which has 26 days if  he or she did not click 7 more days then it will remain 19 days for next payment . At that time if that referral will click than autopay could not renew it.

So when the referral reach 20 days for next payment then you should have to manually renew it for another 30 days in order to keep autopay work for referrals.

In order to renew your referrals autopay deducts the payment from your rental balance. If  the rental balance has insufficient fund then it will deduct the money from your main balance. If both have insufficient balance then it will not triggered and it will again work when one of the balance has enough fund. Usually autopay price is less than manual price for renewing referrals for 30 days or 60 days.

let us consider about autopay discount and manual renewing discount 

Daily auto pay offers some discount for renewing referrals

using autopay offers 15% discount

but manual renewing discounts 

-Renewing for 15 more days offers no discount.
-Renewing for 30 more days offers a 5% discount.
-Renewing for 60 more days offers a 10% discount.
-Renewing for 90 more days is offers a 18% discount.
-Renewing for 150 more days is offers a 25% discount.
-Renewing for 240 more days is offers a 30% discount.

from the above analysis we can see when renewing a referral for 15 days,30 days or 60 days we only get the discounts which is below than what autopay offers (15%)

So just keep your autopay on if you are renewing referrals for 30 days or 60  days. Using autopay on,  you will get 15% which is better than manual renewing discounts for 15 days ( no discount),30 days(5% discount), and 60days(10% discount).

 But if you want to renew more than 90 days in that case your manual renewing discounts will be more than what autopay offers because renewing discounts for 90 days is 18% which is more than autopay discounts(15%). 

So, what my point is if you want to renew your referrals for 90 days or more than 90 days then keep your autopay off. See from above renewing we can come to know that if we renew referrals for more days then we will get more discounts which is more profit to us.

 But initially when you are renting referrals, you can rent them for 30 days or 60 days which you have earned from neobux only by clicking the ads,completing offers and mini jobs and also clicking the adprize. When you will earn more money you can  renew them for more days in order to get more profit.  

It is always recommended that   as a standard member at first, you can rent less referrals and extend them for more days so that your BEP will be less that means if a rented referrals will not click more days then still you will be in profit.

What is BEP?

Its break even point or break even average. A break even average is an average where you have no loss or no profit. more than BEP means you have profit and less than BEP means you have loss. See below, where you can see your referral's Bep



 Check your rented referral's statistics. Some people believe that, If a referral of yours did not click last 5 days and average less than 1.4  then recycle it to get a new referral . That is called static rule. 

But no, do not follow the static rule. Best thing you can do, watch your referral's activity everyday. It may happen some times an active referral who had a good clicking average of past some days but, due to some personnel  reason he could not click 5 or 6 days, then you should  give some more days. Therefore, previous behavior of the referral is the matter, while considering to recycling a referral. Don't recycle referrals only based on their average or only on how many days are inactive.

 You can manage your referral, if you keep daily statistics that neobux provides through export lists. you have to keep that lists everyday and load them to management program like referral handy manager or advance excel sheet.

 Here is how to export the list. 

  1. Go to your [Rented Referral] list page and click the export list icon
  2. On the pop up window click "Continue"
  3. Click "Open in a new window"
  4. Right click on the selected data and select "Copy"
  5. Open a text editor, in Windows: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad
  6. Paste the data you copied above to the text editor and then save that file in a folder that you will save all those lists every day. Name the txt file with an easy name like: 2013-05-26.txt

 Next you can download referral handy manager (version 2.3) from below link

Referral handy manager will make your work easy. It will give you, all your referral's data which is profitable for you and which is not, according to your renewal plan.
Here is how to use your saved export lists with Referral Handy Manager:
  1. Open Referral Handy Manager
  2. Select Tools > Add referrals data > Load exported files
  3. Browse to the folder you have saved your Neobux export lists.
  4. Press Load and Update
  5. That's it, now you can start checking the graph of each referral to see how is clicking.
  6. To save the Referral Handy Manager data, go "File > Save as" and give a name for example "Neobux.xml".
  7. When you need to open again the Referral Handy Manager you have to load the old data back, so go "File > Open > Neobux.xml"
  8. Everyday export your rr's staticstics and save it your notepad ( txt file) and then paste it in Referral handy manager.(paste exported clipboard)
  9. Instead of saving the export lists to txt files you can load them directly to Referral Handy Manager every day, if you go "Tools > Add referrals data > Paste exported clipboard".

like that you can track your referral's behavior everyday. Because previous behavior of the referrals is the matter. If you have previous data, then easily you can calculate which referral's are profitable for you and which are not. For that one thing you can take into consideration which is the referrals BEP. you can see your individual referrals BEP or you can see total referral's BEP. If your current referral's BEP is profitable for you , then you should give more time to your inactive referrals before you are going to recyling them. And if a referral approaches towards 9 or 10 days of inactivity then leave that referral for auto recycling which will be done by neobux  freely after 14 days of inactivity.

                   suppose you are a standard member in neobux and you have 1 to 250 referrals then see below how much BEP you need according to your renewal plan

For standard member with 1~250 rented referrals the
break even average  renewing:

15 days = 1.333
30 days = 1.267
60 days = 1.200
90 days = 1.089
150 days = 1.000
240 days = 0.933

For standard member with 251~300 rented referrals the
break even average  renewing:

15 days = 1.467
30 days = 1.333
60 days = 1.267
90 days = 1.156
150 days = 1.053
240 days = 0.983

For example:
with 50 refs the BEP is 1.200
that means 50 x 1.2 = 60 click are
needed on average each day for
a period of 60 days.

Another example

If we are Standard members and we have 50 rented referrals and we extend them for +240 days, then we need averages(BEP) above 0.933 to be in profit.
So we check our referral graphs in Referral Handy Manager to find referrals that click below that average in repeated patterns. Meaning that if we see that they do it 4-5 times in a row we can recycle them.

A referral who clicks 4 ads every 3 days has 4/3= 1.333 avg which is OK for us
A referral who clicks 3 ads every 2 days has 3/2= 1.500 avg which is OK for us
A referral who clicks 4 ads every 5 days has 4/5= 0.800 avg which is NOT OK for us
A referral who clicks 8 ads every 9 days has 8/9= 0.888 avg which is NOT OK for us
. etc

Develop your recycling strategy to get maximum profit.


Everytime your balance reaches $1 just transfer it to rental balance in order to keep enough balance , for your recycling activity. Again, when your rental balance reach $2 then go for 3 more rented referrals. continue this process until you make $1 per day. At that time you can rent more referrals.

stpe -6

Continue this process until you reach 300 rented referrals. After getting 300 referrals, stop the process of renting referrals.  It is the time for you to upgrade your membership into golden member. when you have 300 referrals you might have enough earning in your account but do not cash it out . Save that money in your main balance and when it reach $90 just upgrade your membership into golden.


Once you became golden member, your earning will be significantly increased. Every week you can rent referrals until it reach more than 2000 and manage your referrals by renewing and recycling. Time will come you can earn more than $30 per day, if you go through this process. It may take some time but still it has good result.

This is the strategy for neobux  . I gave you a common idea. But, remember one thing the best strategy is one, which you can develop yourself. Always read their forum, if you have any doubt, then  you can ask their help by posting your doubt in "problem and doubt section" and many senior members are waiting for you to solve your problem. So, If you are not a member of neobux site yet, then consider to join now

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Neobux strategy part 2- how to make $40 per day with neobux

In my previous post I have explained, how to make big money with neobux(strategy part 1)  as a standard member. But it will take long time to reach your target to earn more money. your target will be to become a golden member.  However there is a strategy to earn every day $40  if you would like to invest some money.
neobux,earn money

As I am going to explain how to earn $40 per day, before that you can sign up  with neobux

One more thing i am going to added for you, if you do not want to invest money then go for standard member where you can earn money by clicking ads, completing offers, clicking ad prize and completing mini jobs until you reach the amount for renting referrals and earn the amount to upgrade your membership into golden. But it will take time.

If you can invest some money  then follow this ultimate guide to earn $40 per day.
1- sign up at neobux

2- upgrade your membership into golden which will cost you $90 per year. Now you can rent upto 2000 referrals as a golden member. Each referral you will rent it will cost you $0.30 for 30 days

3- Extend all the referrals for 240 days in order to get more profit. Because if you renew for 240 days you will get 30% discount and your BEP will be less. keep your auto pay off

4- Be active each single day. That means you have to click the ads everyday at servers time in order to earn your referral's commission

4- Next,  you can manage your referrals by recycling, renewing . Be the master of recycling strategy.

5-  Now you can save your earning to purchase the ultimate membership which will cost you $ 890 per year. If you will be an ultimate member then you can rent upto 4000 referrals.

6- now rent as many as referrals until you reach 4000 referrals

7- manage your referrals

8- Now if you are an ultimate member with 4000 rented referrals then you can earn upto $40 per day.

Do not be skeptic. Apply this strategy if you can. Take risk because without risk nothing will happen. If you could not apply this strategy then you can earn money as a standard member


Make Money With CPA Marketing

Here I am going to show you , how you can make money with cpa network

 First, let me tell you something about CPA

CPA stands for cost per action. That means , cpa network will pay you if you are sending the visitors to their websites who takes an action. Suppose you are promoting the offers, and somebody click your offer and take an action like filling a form with his email id, then you will be paid with dollars.

Comparative to traditional affiliate marketing CPA marketing  is the best for the beginners. In traditional affiliate marketing,  you have to sell the product to earn some commissions when people will buy their product. And selling the product is not an easy task. you have to spend your time and energy creating campaigns which needs your ability to sell. But with cpa offers you can easily make hundreds of dollars within months without selling anything, if you could create the same campaign.

CPA offers will pay you based on your visitors activity. such as
if a visitor

1- enters his email address

2-complete a short survey
3- enters his name and address
4- signs up for a free trial and product

so, you can make money easily with cpa. No, need any skill or talent. Even if you are a beginner still you can make cash with it. All you have to do, is promote their offers through your blog, email list, FB ads or any kind of ppc . You have to drive traffic to their website and if any body take action by leaving their email, zipcode you will be paid. There are 1000's of offers in different categories. You can choose the offers you would like to promote.

so, in order to earn money from it, you have to be a publisher and get approved by them. There are 100's  of CPA network . But the CPA network I will recommend is peerfly.

                                          because it is easy to get approved
                                          suitable for beginners.
                                          no country restrictions.

                       Now you can sign up with peerfly , providing the correct information , phone number.

and in description field, they might ask, How  can you promote the offers?

so, you can write

              I will drive traffic through ppc , email list, facebook ads and creating specific landing pages for offers

                                                                           Now you can sign up at peerfly

See, there are many ways to earn money online. If one is not working for you, just check out other simple ways which i have shared in this blog.


How to Earn Money from Clixsense


Now clixsense is not limited with PTC ads only. It has multiplied its earning source. We can make good  money from its different earning sources. First i want to tell you, there is no need of any special skill or talent to make money from clixsense. A beginner who joined this site also can earn a ridiculous amount of money . Without thinking the site’s legitimacy anybody should join because this site has already proven its longevity stance .  No matter the way you are earning money online , but never miss this site. Its highly recommended for you.
why clixsense? Why it is recommeded?
1- clixsense does not set any limits the amount of ads you click per day
2-clixsense does not set any limits the amount of direct referrals  you can have
3-clixsense was the company that started the ptc craze in 2007
4-clixsense has the lowest advertising rate in the industry
5-clixsense does not charge the ridiculous amount of money to upgrade your account.
6-clixsense has no maximum amount of cashout. You can make it.
what did you observe? You will get unlimited ads to click. There is no condition how many direct referrals you are going to have?In clixsense as a standard member you can keep unlimited direct referrals. Even upgrading cost of clixsense is too low. Which is $17 per year. What is this referral? referrals are the persons who have joined under you. Who is going to work for you. To be honest if you want to earn more money you need referrals. If a site will not allow you to keep  unlimited direct referrals, then how could you promote your referral link.
And it is oldest ptc site, established, and loyal to its members. Then what more you need?
This is the reason why clixsense is the most preferable and trustworthy. It’s the completely legit , honest and paying ptc site which i have ever known.
There are several ways to earn money with clixsense. We can earn money by
1- clicking ads
2- completing tasks
3-completing offers and surveys
4- playing clixgrid
5- daily checklist bonus
6-Affiliate program
The first way to make money with clixsense is just clicking ads. There are unlimited of ads which will be added to your account time to time. Just log into your account click those ads. Unlike other ptc site clixsense has no limitation of ads in a day. You can check it several times in  a day otherwise download their toolbar it will help you to be informed about ad notifications.
You will get different types of ads to click
1-micro ads
2-mini ads
3-standard ads
4-extended ads
MICRO ADS- if you click micro ads it will take 5 seconds to view and will cause you to earn $0.001 each
MINI ADS- This ads will take 15 seconds to view and you will be paid $0.005 for each
STANDARD ADS- This ad will take 30 seconds to view and you will be paid $0.01 for each
EXTENDED ADS- This ad will take 60 seconds to view and you can earn $ 0.02 for each
So it is clear that you can earn  $0.001 to $0.02 for each ad you click. For better understanding see the screenshot below
pink color- extended ads
green color- standard ads
orange color- mini ads
yellow color- micro ads

Second way to make money with clixsense is completing task. tasks are micro jobs or small jobs provided by crowdflower. There will be number of tasks available for you to complete everyday.
you need to follow certain instruction  before completing a task. Once you completed a task, money will be added to your clixsense account balance. From each task you can earn few cents to several dollars.
Third way to earn money from clixsense is completing offers. Offers are daily surveys,  sign up a particular website, cashback shopping, free downloads. Surveys are available according to the demographic locations. Each survey you complete you can earn $0.30  to several dollars.
fourth way to earn money from clixsense is playing clixgrid

See this picture . This is the clixgrid. Here as a standard member you have the opportunity to click 30 times. but for premium member 60 times. Each time you click it will open a sponsor’s website. There you have to view 10 second to know whether your luck support to win the clixgrid or not. you can win upto $10 which will go directly to your clixsense account.
There is no special strategy to win a clixgrid. The secret of winning a clixgrid is to clicking everday. Its a game, the more you play the more chances will be there to win.
Fifth way to earn money from clixsense is through checklist bonus. see below

Here in nov 23 i have clicked ptc ads 4
clixgrid 25 times
visited forum 8
the red cross mark you  have noticed  beside complete task  or offers these are the other requirements to get daily checklist bonus.
So here is the minimum requirements to get daily  checklist bonus
ptc ad – 2clicks
clixgrid-15 clicks
either  complete task – 10 or complete offer -2
visit forum- 1 page
If you have met that requirement in a particular  day  then you will get checklist bonus  $0.50

Sixth way to earn money with clixsense is through its powerful affiliate program
I like the clixsense affiliate program especially the way it designed. Affiliate program means its referral program. When you joined in clixsense you will get  your unique referral link. Now if somebody joined in clixsense by clicking your referral link, then they will be your direct referrals.
you will get commissions each time your direct referral click ptc ads, purchase advertising, completing task or offers. you will only earn commission from direct referrals but not from your direct referral’s referral. In clixsense earning of a premium member is substantial higher than the standard member. So, it will be wise if you upgrade your membership to premium.
It is powerful because the commission you earn from your referrals.

Here we can see as a standard member or a premium member  how much commission we can earn from our direct referrals PTC click in different types of ads.
These sign up bonus is not for standard member.
if you are a premium member of clixsense , then you can earn $0.50 sign up bonus if your direct referral earn $1 from ptc ad click.
clixsense is the best place to advertise. people want to purchase credit, to advertise their referral link or their website to get traffic. so in two way they can advertise their link. Either they have to purchase ad credit or purchase a clixgrid link. so whenever your direct referrals purchase a ad credit or a clixgrid link then as a standard member you will earn 10% commission upto $1 per referral but as a premium member you can earn commission 10% upto $2 per referral. However there is some limit per referral. As a standard member you can earn upto $50  per referral and as a premium member you can earn $100  per referral.
you also get commissions whenever your direct referrals complete the task successfully.  As a standard member you can earn 5% of your direct referrals  task earning and a premium member you can earn10% of your referral’s earning.
In clixsense daily number of offers are available. you also earn commissions whenever your direct referrals complete the offers. As a standard member you can earn  5% of  your direct referral’s offers earning and as a premium member you can earn 10%  of their offers earning
why it is wise to upgrade your membership to premium
You can earn money from clixsense as a free member. But you will realize the true power of clixsense when you upgrade your membership into premium status. You will enjoy all the benefit from it once you upgrade your membership. Your earning will substantially grow even without your knowledge your  account balance will reach $100.
here is the benefit
Suppose your direct referral upgrade his membership into premium status you will instantly get $2
as a standard member. But as a premium member not only you will get $2 when your direct referral upgrade his membership but also $1 when your direct referral’s referral upgrade into premium status and you will get it upto 8 level’s deep. So for better understanding see below

Now you can realize why it is wise to upgrade your membership into premium. You need $17 to upgrade your membership into premium for a year which is very less comparative to other ptc site. See, here i am going to give another screenshot how your money will grow, if you will be a premium membership. suppose you have some direct referrals, your direct referrals have their direct referrals like that it will grow upto 8 levels. see  below. This screenshot is Downline size of a clixsense member who has earned lot of money from his referrals.

not only you will get $2 whenever your direct referrals upgrade their membership but also $1  from each of your direct referral’s  referral and their referrals upgrade their membership and it is upto 8 level deep. So, that is what make clixsense unique.
1- Sign up commissions $0.50
2- commission upto $2 whenever your direct referral purchase ad credit or clixgrid link
3-higher direct referral click commissions
4-more chances to win clixgrid (50) times
5-more ads available
6-8 tier affiliate program
7-welcome ad credit 1000
8- minimum cashout $6, but for standard it is $8

Payment processor- paypal or pyazza
Now in conclusion, i wanna say that because of my offline activity i was not an active member of this site even though i have joined this site several months back.For last two  months i became active in this site and upgraded my membership.  i believe in clixsense because i am earning good money from it comparative to other ptc site. Even you can also earn serious  money from it, once you will be active every single day and upgrade your membership. Upgrading your membership in clixsense will not cost you more. It is very little which is only $17 for one year. But you will get absolute benefit from it. It will bring you more profit. See, you do not have to spend money from your own pocket to upgrade your membership only thing you can do be active in clixsense, everyday click on ads, and complete the offers it will take few days to reach $17 . Once you reach $17 , then upgrade your membership. After that you will realize the true power of clixsense even without your knowledge your account balance will reach $100 within some days. As all we know PTC site is a referral’s game. But getting referral’s for clixsense is not a difficult thing. After joining this site just create your own blog and write your experience with clixsense and how it works, then promote your blog with your referral link. you can promote your referral link in social network site like facebook  and traffic exchange .
so I encourage you, If you are not a member of clixsense then join today by clicking banner below